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Jesse Brodd recalls some family history invoking the name of his Great-Grandfather's filling and service station - Brodd's Garage... "Clarence Brodd built a garage and service station in Sister Bay (WI) in 1920. Gasoline was sold using the "gravity system". Large glass containers held the gasoline - usually 20 gallons - above the pump. The customer would purchase as much gasoline as desired by watching it drain from the tank into the automobile. The customer would stop at a line that would indicate how many gallons remained in the glass container, and the owner would calculate how much gasoline was taken... (Courtesy of the Sister Bay Historical Society)"

Today Brodd's Garage and the three pumps out front are represented by the three facets of the teams work: DESIGN, WEB and MARKETING. Bring your business in for a full service tune-up or a quick infusion of creativity.

Brodd's Garage takes pride in using local vendors as much as possible. We work with many clients who are integral parts of this community and our efforts are always directed towards bettering our world and society in any way we can.


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